Revised SOP and CLP Announcements

From:   Pacesetter Games & Simulations

Date:   February 2, 2014

Re:       Standing Order Program / Customer Loyalty Program

As we move into 2014, I have made the decision to make some changes to the Standing Order Program, as well as the Customer Loyalty Program. A quick review may be in order as I have let this go for far too long.

Standing Order Program: This is a membership list of those who requested to be alerted of upcoming Pacesetter module releases. The intent was to give its members the first opportunity to purchase first prints, or limited edition prints, of Pacesetter modules. There is no requirement to buy anything, just a notification process. This is an email list. Those on the list receive advance notice of all Pacesetter releases.

Customer Loyalty Program: This is more of a program than a membership. Those Pacesetter supporters, who purchased a specific list of new releases throughout the year, receive a special and free module at the end of that module cycle. The special module is not a general release and not available for sale (other than eligible CLP members can purchase an additional copy or two).

As time has marched on, these programs have languished a bit. Also, the production of modules has changed and some modules have limited first printings while others do not. This has done nothing but muddy the waters. Therefore, I am making some changes which will, hopefully, clarify both programs.

New Standing Order Program: As before, this is purely an optional membership to an email mailing list. Those on the list will receive specific emails during the year, or module cycle. Instead of announcing every release, SOP members will receive advanced notification of limited edition releases or similar limited production modules and supplements. More information on limited edition modules is included later in this announcement.

Also, SOP members will always receive advanced notification of all new releases. Therefore, if you still want to be sure to always get a first printing of any product, you will have one week of advanced opportunity to purchase any new release.  

There is absolutely no commitment to purchase anything.

Customer Loyalty Program: For the past four years, the CLP has required Pacesetter supporters to purchase the first printing of a select group of modules from that year, or module cycle, in order to receive the free, special module (S-series). This system has been changed for 2014 and beyond. There is no longer any requirement to purchase any specific module or a requirement to purchase a first printing. Starting with the 2014 module cycle, the only requirement is to purchase a total of eight (8) individual Pacesetter modules / supplements produced during a specific module cycle. A boxed set counts as two individual purchases (for example, if you buy a boxed set and six individual modules, you will receive the free, special module). Anyone who purchases a Pacesetter product is automatically enrolled in this program. All sales are tracked and recorded. At any time, you may request your status.

Module Cycle (Year): Pacesetter module cycles are announced annually with a non-inclusive list of releases. Please understand that release schedules can vary, but in general, those modules listed in any cycle will remain in that cycle. I try to keep everything in a calendar year, but as you are surely aware, I am often running late.

Limited Edition Modules: Each module cycle I will release a total of five Limited Edition modules. This year there will be one general module and four convention specials (Gary Con, North Texas RPG Con x2, and Gen Con). In general, the Limited Edition print will be 100 numbered copies. The first release for the 2014 cycle is Q1 The Screaming Temple (DCC RPG version).*

*For this year, you may substitute RQ1-4 The Red Queen for the Q1 DCC RPG module (I understand that not everyone plays DCC, so this is the solution to forcing you to buy a module you may never use or read).

Bonus Module for Standing Order Program: Any Pacesetter supporter who purchases all five of the Limited Edition modules will receive a bonus module at the end of that year, or module cycle. This bonus is completely separate from the Customer Loyalty Program. Limited Edition purchases count toward either the SOP Free module or the CLP Free module, but not both.

The Q1 The Screaming Temple – DCC RPG Limited Edition module is available at  

I hope I have clarified the new programs. As always, I appreciate your support more than I can express in a simple email. I hope to see you at a convention in the future where I can thank you in person. Otherwise, I wish you all the best! Feel free to contact me via email, pm (forums), text message or by phone.


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The Blood Cult is Here

In a single night, the war on magic exploded across the world. The towers of magic collapsed in flame. Wizards are hunted down like animals. Arcane magic is under siege. With little warning and no preparation, the heroes must stand against the mysterious and ferocious Blood Cult.

The Blood Cult has arrived! This boxed set is designed for the first edition game and includes everything you need to add the Blood Cult to your campaign. This game supplement and module series fully describes the Blood Cult, its members, organization and history. Additionally, the campaign supplement book includes 10 Blood Cult NPC types, numerous new monsters, magic items, spells and even a new paladin subclass!

There are three complete adventure modules that can be played as part of a mini-campaign or as stand alone scenarios. Module BC2 Flames of the Blood Cult throws the PCs into the path of the cult. As the arch-mage’s tower of magic burns, the PCs must flee for their lives while magic-users are hunted like animals. Module BC3 War of the Blood Cult: Expedition to the Great Waste finds the PCs searching for the Red Tower – rumored headquarters of the Blood Cult. But the search will be difficult as the quest leads across the Great Waste – a desert of unparalleled size and danger. In module BC4 War of the Blood Cult: The Red Tower, the PCs have located the Red Tower – a pinnacle resembling a demonic arm and claw reaching from the desert. Somewhere in the tower there must be a key to defeating the Blood Cult.

The boxed set also contains two 11×17 color campaign maps, for use in the DarkLand campaign setting or to expand your setting. Additionally, there are 14 cardstock maps and one content card featuring even more new monsters and magic items.

The Blood Cult Contains:

  • The Blood Cult Campaign Supplement
  • Flames of the Blood Cult Adventure Module (character levels 2-4)
  • War of the Blood Cult: Expedition to the Great Waste Adventure Module (character levels 4-6)
  • War of the Blood Cult: The Red Tower Adventure Module (character levels 4-6)
  • 14 Cardstock Maps
  • 2 11×17 Color Campaign Maps
  • 1 Cardstock Content Card (supplemental to the War of the Blood Cult modules)
  • 10 Blood Cult NPC Types
  • 7 New Monsters
  • 11 New Magic Items
  • 8 New Spells
  • New Paladin Subclass

The Blood Cult is an accessory
designed for use with the First Edition Advanced rules and is
compatible with the OSRIC™ rules system.

Direct linkst o The Blood Cult

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RIP Mike “Bart” Bartnikowski

I wanted to pass along some sad news that longtime gamer and co-founder of the Metro Detroit Gamers (MDG), Mike Bartnikowski, has passed away. Bart was a giant among men but not just in stature but in his good-nature and humor. He truly loved gaming and worked very hard to further the reach of the hobby. Michicon and Wintercon are among the longest-running conventions in the United States and back in the late 70s and 80s, they were also among the largest.
I first met Mike at Wintercon in 1977. I was just a kid but I volunteered to help during the con (because the older guys who drove us were working at the con so why not help out, too). I worked at every Michicon and Wintercon for years afterward and I was even a convention manager when MDG hosted Origins. Mike was always there and always supportive. He eventually handed me The Deck of Many Things, MDG’s bi-monthly newszine, and I produced it for a couple years on two different occasions. Bart was always there and his help and knowledge of the gaming industry was fantastic. With Bart’s help, I managed to get license from TSR to publish D&D adventures in the Deck. But he would never take credit for that. That was the kind of guy he was. It was about gaming and gamers. Michicon and Wintercon were about gaming, simple as that.
I can honestly say that Bart was certainly and influence on my youth and without him I may have phased out of gaming. But Bart taught me that gaming is about people and doing what you love. Play and have fun and give back when you can. Much of Bart lives on in Pacesetter Games today and it will be there tomorrow. I certainly will remember him fondly and he will be missed.

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Convention News

After Gen Con Sale

For Gen Con 45 (2012), Pacesetter Games & Simulations launched a subsidiary company called OSR Publications. Simply, OSR Publications was created to offer a variety of Old School publications from numerous Old School publishers at one central location during the convention. At Gen Con 44, Joe Browning of Expeditious Retreat Press opened the first OSR publishing booth and paved the way for greater OSR exposure.

OSR Publications set up a booth at Gen Con and sold products from the following publishers: Eldritch Enterprises, Frog God Games, Faster Monkey Games, Black Blade Publishing, Autarch, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Center Stage Miniatures, Henchmen Abuse, Diecast Games, Chaotic Henchmen, Expeditious Retreat Press (XRP), and Pacesetter Games & Simulations.

OSR Publications will be at Gen Con 46 with an expanded booth and some additional features including a sponsorship for OSR events.

The convention is over, but some stock remains and here is your chance to pick up products from a great variety of publishers and save money on shipping. In fact, order $50 or more and the shipping is FREE!

Just download the product pdf (see below) and select your items. Send the completed list to Bill Barsh at

Please note that all the products have limited inventory.

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Welcome to the PGS Blog

It hard for me believe that Pacesetter has been around for more than two years now. It seems like it was just yesterday that I decided to finally get off the sidelines and start publishing. It was my resolution on New Year’s Eve 2008 that I committed to publishing a module. I toyed around with idea for more than 20 years but it never seemed to be the right time or the technology just was not there (to make it cost effective). On January 1, 2009, I pulled out the manuscript of The Thing in the Valley and started working. In October of 2009, RC1 The Thing in the Valley finally came of the printing press and Pacesetter Games & Simulations was born.

In the two years that have followed I have published 12 additional modules. At times I can’t remember how on earth I went from one module to thirteen! But here I am and the gears keep turning. One of the major issues I have dealt with in that time is a good way to communicate what is going on here at Pacesetter G&S. Email is good and various forums have been more than helpful, not the least of which has been the Acaeum. But in this fast-moving electronic age I have decided that Pacesetter needs a blog.

Now here I am blogging. But not in the traditional sense of the word. I will not be ranting or reviewing whatever strikes my fancy. This blog will be my way to communicate all things Pacesetter. I am sure I may jump in and talk about some other great OSR products, conventions or the like, but in general, this blog will be used to inform.

So there it is. Please add this blog to your list of sites and check back in to see what is going on here at Pacesetter Games & Simulations. Feel free to comment or ask questions. That is the second reason I wanted to create this blog. I want a two-way street of communication. Let me know what you think. Good or bad, I want your feedback.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding pages devoted to all the previous releases. In those pages you will find my designer notes, history and more.


Bill Barsh, Pacesetter Games & Simulations

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